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Start Living a Life You Truly Love Living

Are You Stuck in Your Own Personal Groundhog Day, Living the Same Year Over and Over?

It's Time to Break the Cycle and Start Creating the Life of Your Dreams!

In 2015, I was sitting on my couch with my cast propped up recovering from a head on car collision asking, no yelling, “God, why is this happening to me? What did I do so wrong?” You see, I had divorced about 15 years earlier and then had a series of failed relationships, one of which had been abusive and caused me to flee with the clothes on my back leaving behind my dog and a six-figure income. Seven months before the car accident, I had completed my Bachelor’s degree and bought my first house. Three months prior to the accident, I had begun my graduate program and a month after that, started a new job. I felt like I was finally recovering. Then, BAM! I had totaled my car in a head on collision, shattered my knee and ankle to the point of almost losing my foot just eight days prior to being able to collect short-term disability from my job. I was broken and in excruciating pain physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Worse, I had no idea what to do and secretly wondered why God even allowed me to live.

It was in that desperate time that I realized I had been living a cyclical life for years. I hadn’t lived 45 years, until that point. I had lived almost the same year 45 times. I felt stuck. I felt lost. I felt like a failure. I knew if I dared to utter these words to anyone else, I would sound horribly ungrateful, so I kept it to myself. The truth was that I spent my life feeling like a foreigner in my own skin. I lacked confidence and didn’t believe I deserved a great life. I had learned very early in my life not to trust my judgment, thoughts or perspective. The only strength I could muster was to pray for God to show me why He left me here. I felt like I had wasted my life up to that point, and I just needed a sign, a nudging, a dream…anything to show me what to do next. The only thing that kept me going was this little, teeny-tiny, faint spark of a feeling that there has to be more to life than this. And, if God left me here, I couldn’t imagine it being for absolutely nothing but misery, failure and discontent. So, I held on…barely.

I Finally Stopped Living By Default

After one of the many days yelling at God, I came across a masterclass and coaching program that appeared to be speaking directly to me. However, I didn’t have the money because I hadn’t worked for five months. I was trying to make sure I kept my house, kept the lights on and could acquire all the many life necessities. As I tried to forget about it, this program kept haunting my thoughts and it finally clicked that I couldn’t afford to not figure out how to sign up for this class and coaching. I prayed for a way believing this was what I was supposed to do, and that way came to me almost immediately, although not without sacrifice and creativity.

Scraping together the money for the masterclass and life coaching was the best investment I had made to that point. Coaching provided the lessons, tools and guidance I needed to uncover a different way of thinking, a renewed perspective, and the importance of a set of new habits. My coach helped me discover that what I had been looking for all along in relationships, experiences and material goods was within me, buried under all the ‘life stuff’ that had been piled on top over the years. Finally, I began to connect the dots and many things started to make so much sense. Importantly, working with a coach kept me accountable for creating my own growth and expansion. I gained different perspectives about my life up until that point that helped me get very clear on the ways I had sat in the backseat of my own life and just let things happen. 

I recognized the obstacles that kept me from realizing the purpose I was so desperately seeking for as long as I could remember; of course, it was right there all the time. I began to see the life habits that no longer served me and the new habits that I could begin applying. I quickly became aware of how my thought-life had negatively effected my life outcomes and the work I could do to change that. I received tools that helped me to stop living stuck, hurt, angry, and small, and I now know how to choose a life of freedom, healing, peace, and thriving each day. Unexpectedly, coaching awakened my desire to help others with living their best lives, not just as an adage or on social media, but as their truth and in every area. I realized I really wanted to help others enjoy the journey called life and truly love the results they created. In essence, coaching led me to receive the training I needed to be a coach. Coaching is what led me to you, right here, right now.

The Proven Method to Dream Into Destiny

During the Dream Into Destiny Method, you will get to work with me personally utilizing a 12-week program which is a proven, reliable, repeatable system for transforming dreams into reality. Together, we will get clear on what you truly want out of life, and create a blueprint with specific steps you can take to bring those desires into reality. We will meet weekly for live coaching calls, review the weekly lessons and ensure you are staying focused on your dreams and goals. We will meet for a Dream Into Destiny live Vision Calibration call so I can personally help you get and stay laser focused on your life vision.

As an added bonus, the Dream Into Destiny Method includes learning the Brave Thinking Activation Process® which will give you proven, reliable, repeatable steps to activate and apply what you have learned into everyday life and business.

In addition, you will receive bonus guided meditations and many other tools to help you attract and achieve the love and relationships you desire, the time and money freedom you desire, the health and well-being you desire and the vocation you desire. You truly can have the life you would absolutely love living.

Using the Dream Into Destiny Method will help you discover and live the life you would absolutely love living by utilizing the DreamBuilder® program to:

Imagine the Power to Design a Life You Love Living

Imagine waking up each morning in love with your life. Your relationships are rich and deeply meaningful. Each day, your time is spent fulfilling your purpose, doing and creating what you love with more than enough money and resources. You are operating in total health and vitality, and in the greatest shape of your life. You work a job or own a business that excites and satisfies you. In every area of life, you are thriving to heights you could only imagine.

It is hard for most of us to imagine truly living a life we love, truly experiencing our dreams come true. But, I’m going to let you in on a little secret, you are not here to fail, struggle and live an unfulfilling, discontented life. You are here to thrive, excel and create a life that dreams are made of. You can actually enjoy the journey of life and be aligned with the gentle pulling of your purpose instead of pushed by fear, lack and doubt. You can live life instead of life living you. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time for you to take a step in the direction of your dreams, live your best life, and connect with the destiny your soul desires to express!

Discover Your True Dream or Purpose

Develop a clear actionable plan to begin living the life you would truly love living

Replace Fear, Doubt and Worry

Approach each day with calmness, confidence, acceptance and clarity

Dissolve Resistance to Prosperity

Attract higher levels of results and abundance with a proven method

Take the Next Step Toward the Life You Would Love Living

You only get the opportunity to live this life one time. There are a few people that are blessed to live 80 or 90 years, but most of us live the same year 80 or 90 times. If you are like me, you want to live life to the fullest, and be able to enjoy every moment of the journey. If you are ready to stop struggling to align with your purpose and design the life you only dream about, complete the application below. I will personally review your submission and reply within 72 hours with your next steps. If accepted, I will help bring clarity to the confusion, relieve the constant strife of trying to figure it all out, and create a fully personalized blueprint to live the life you truly love living.

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